Import Duty Calculator

Import Duty alculator

Standard Documents for Import Custom Clearance

Please note that below is an indicative list of Standard Import Clearance Documents. There may be additional documentary requirements depending upon specific product/case basis

  1. KYC Documents required as per Custom Regulations
    1. Authority Letter for Custom Clearance
    2. Identity/Address Proof of Import Firm/Director/ Partner/Proprietor
  2. IEC Copy (duly signed stamped by Director/Partner/Proprietor of Firm)
  3. A. D. Code (Authorised Dealer Code) of Firm’s Bank
  4. Complete Original Documents of shipment
    1. Invoice
    2. Packing List / Detailed Packing List (clearly stating the packages)
    3. AWB/Bill of Lading (Original Negotiable Copy Signed Stamped at back)
    4. Country of Origin Certificate
    5. Insurance Charges / Certificate
    6. Freight Amount / Certificate
  5. Custom GATT Declarations
  6. Previous clearance Bill of Entry copy
  7. Brochure / Catalog of product
  8. End use of imported item
  9. RSP details, wherever applicable
  10. Analysis Report, Test Certificate, MSDS, Chartered Engineer Certificate as applicable

INCO Terms 2016

Rules for International trade as defined by Incoterms 2016

Duties of buyer/seller according to Incoterms 2016